The Origin

Growing up in Cache Valley, Utah, it was a family tradition every Sunday morning to enjoy a gourmet Hawaiian French toast breakfast. My mom’s homemade French toast was mouth-watering, topped with fresh berries and smothered in her famous cream syrup, made from scratch. I looked forward to that syrup every week as a child. We would literally lick our plates clean of this addicting cream syrup. It was, and still is my favorite breakfast.

The Legacy

My passion has been to bring that wonderful secret syrup recipe to your breakfast table. Using simple and clean ingredients, Stuff’D premium cream syrups are perfect for French toast, pancakes, fresh fruit, crepes, waffles, smoothies, or oatmeal.

The Product

Made locally in Utah using simple and clean ingredients. Each bottle of cream syrup is handcrafted and based on a family recipe, Delicious and Dangerous. I hope you will love these syrups—also great as a dessert sauce!

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